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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Root Hog or Die: The John Porcellino movie

So you know the terrific cartoonist behind King-Cat Comix, John Porcellino? The guy whose honest, heart-wrenching new book, The Hospital Suite, (teased here and here) will be out September 9th? Wouldn't you like to know a little more about him, his story?

Well, you're in luck. Filmmaker and friend-of-John, Dan Stafford, is bringing you Root Hog or Die, a film about John Porcellino. This documentary will feature interviews with John and more than twenty of his friends, fellow cartoonists, bandmates, confidantes, and admirers. The DVD will include all kinds of outtakes, and a new eight-page Porcellino mini. Say wut?! While the project's Kickstarter has already reached its modest goal (of course, because John's the best), please consider making a donation (because John's the best).

What's in for you, besides the opportunity to learn more about a small press/comix legend? Nearly all donation levels will receive a finished copy of the DVD, and the project has a number of other enticing rewards on offer as well: signed copies of The Hospital Suite, original artwork, posters and more among them. Click here to get in on the action!

Root Hog or Die will premiere at Bethesda's Small Press Expo in September. John will be going on a very extensive North American tour this fall - you'll be able to catch him in two provinces and fifteen states! - both to promote The Hospital Suite and to screen this documentary, which I kinda can't wait to see. Stay tuned for full dates and locations.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Rutu Modan, Mimi Pond, Gilbert Hernandez bring home the gold!

It's Monday, and Comic-Con 2014 is already over. Montreal is rainy and cold to welcome Tracy, Jade, and Julia home-- this ain't California, that's for sure. I'd be bummed, but I'm too darn proud of RUTU MODAN, MIMI POND, and GILBERT HERNANDEZ to be unhappy.

Rutu Modan scooped up a 'Best Graphic Album- New' Eisner Award for her stunning book, The Property. Above is a panel from the book I am constantly showing off to friends, customers, and strangers alike, in moments of LOOK-AT-HOW-BEAUTIFUL-THIS-IS passion. Below is Tracy accepting the award on Rutu's behalf at Friday night's ceremony.

The Washington Post has an interview with Rutu up about her win. In it Rutu says "When I saw the e-mail from my publisher, I jumped up yelling... And danced in the living room with my surprised son." I never had any doubt The Property would win the prize, but I feel like dancing too! Especially because we've got two other winning authors in the house:

Here's Mimi Pond signin' and smilin' with her Inkpot Award for achievement in comics! Mimi was in the biz long before we published Over Easy this spring, and it seems she's just getting better and better. I can hardly wait for the second volume of her semi-autobiographical graphic novel (!)

Image via

Also honoured were Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez- can you believe these were their first Eisner Awards? Nope, me either. Gilbert won 'Best Short Story' for his work in ongoing series Love and Rockets.

Bravo, all! And stay tuned for our full Comic-Con recap coming soon!
Saturday, July 26, 2014

SDCC Debuts: Even More Bad Parenting Advice by Guy Delisle

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Happy day three of San Diego Comic-Con International 2014- I hope you haven't run out of steam yet! Today at Drawn and Quarterly (Booth 1629) we've got signings with Mimi Pond, Lisa Hanawalt, Matt Forsythe, and Gilbert Hernandez, and great graphic novels piled high. Among out debuts this year is Guy Delisle's Even More Bad Parenting Advice, the follow-up to his hilarious, heartwarming A User's Guide to Neglectful Parenting.

Even More Bad Parenting Advice is, as its title suggests, more of the wonderfully accurate observations on parenthood that Guy Delisle delivered in User's Guide. Delisle is a stay-at-home father and spends a large amount of time immersed in the confusing, laughter-inducing world of his young son and daughter. In his trying to be 'the best dad ever', Guy often acts like a bit of a child himself, but succeeds in earning the title: he's always ready to defend his children against bullies, and is always ready to play. The book is incredibly readable and relatable. It might just be the perfect Mother's Day/Father's Day/Christmas gift, but it's also so spot-on that you won't want to wait that long to share it. 

Do you want to win your very own copy of Even More Bad Parenting Advice? We're hosting our very own panel at 10 am today (that's in half an hour-get moving!) in Room 4. In this Jeopardy-style trivia game we'll test you knowledge about D+Q's publications and authors, and every correct answer receives a free book! Pretty sweet deal, no?!
Friday, July 25, 2014

SDCC Debuts: Bumperhead by Gilbert Hernandez

Is it really only day two of San Diego Comic-Con International 2014? From the looks of our social media feeds, y'all have already had enough fun to last the year. Continue the party and drop by Booth 1629. Today's programming includes signings with Mimi Pond, Gilbert Hernandez, Lisa Hanawalt, and Matt Forsythe. Plus Lisa and Mimi are on panels! And in addition to all that, we're still debuting three new titles!

Gilbert Hernandez's Bumperhead is the follow up to last year's critically acclaimed Marble Season. Bumperhead tells the life story of its narrator Bobby, a slacker who drifts through life without ever stopping to reflect upon it. As a teenager in the 1970s he dabbles in a variety of subcultures: punk, rocker, speed-freak- he doesn't commit to any of them, or to any of his relationships either. Despite his too-cool attitude, Bobby is not without problems: he is teased mercilessly as a child, and must constantly come to the rescue of his father, whose English isn't so good. Music is all he really cares about. Almost anyone will be able to see a little of themselves in the everyday scenes of Bumperhead, but Hernandez's story is slightly surreal, too: for example, Bobby's best friend has a 'sci-fi toy' (an iPad) on which he learns and shares facts about the future. The result is fast-paced, thrilling, and available at booth 1629!

Do you want a shot at winning a copy of Bumperhead or one of our many other titles? Drop by the DRAWN AND QUARTERLY JEOPARDY panel tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 am in Room 4!
Thursday, July 24, 2014

SDCC Debuts: The Hospital Suite by John Porcellino

San Diego's Comic-Con International 2014 is now in full swing! Tracy, Jade, and Julia are holding down the fort (the fort being booth 1629) and apparently the stacks are lookin' mighty fine. Today's programming includes signings with Mimi Pond and Gilbert Hernandez-- take a look at our full schedule if you need reminding. On top of all that, we're debuting three titles this year. Keep your eye on this space for more information about each of them!

The Hospital Suite by John Porcellino wasn't originally going to be at Comic-Con, but when we found out we could have a limited number ready in time, we jumped at the chance to share this title with you lucky SDCC-goers. The Hospital Suite is heart-wrenching, outlining John's struggles with illness in the 1990s and early 2000s. John wakes up one morning in 1997, apparently healthy aside from the ear problems he's had for two years. A few hours later, he is in stomach pain so bad he can barely move, and at the hospital he learns he needs emergency surgery to remove a tumor from his small intestine. The procedure led to a number of other health complications, including the worsening of his pre-existing tendencies toward anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The Hospital Suite is an affecting, sometimes difficult but very important read. It speaks of life and death; of coming to terms with illness and with illness in your loved ones; of modern and alternative medicine. The Hospital Suite is not all about dwelling on sickness- it's about trying to go on while you're sick. John's signature style makes his work at once deeply personal and completely relatable.

This special Comic-Con edition is signed and numbered and extremely limited. We've only got forty-five of these bad boys! Run on over to booth 1629 and snag one, because I'm certain these won't last the weekend. And don't forget to drop by our DRAWN AND QUARTERLY JEOPARDY Panel (Saturday, 10 am, Room 4) for a chance to win The Hospital Suite and other titles!
Friday, July 18, 2014

Harvey Award Nominations for Art Spiegelman and Shigeru Mizuki!

A hearty congratulations to Shigeru Mizuki and Art Spiegelman, both of whom are nominated for Harvey Awards!

Shigeru Mizuki's Showa 1926-1939: A History of Japan, as translated by Zack Davisson, is nominated for the "Best American Edition of Foreign Material" award.

And Co-Mix: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps by Art Spiegelman is nominated for "Best Biographical, Historical, or Journalistic Presentation."

Comics professionals (creators, editors, and designers) are welcome to vote on the final ballot from now until August 18th, and the awards will be presented on September 6, 2014 at the Baltimore Comic-Con. Visit the Harvey Awards website for more information. Congratulations to everyone nominated!

Let's all just go back to TCAF for a minute….

Here's Kate Beaton, Lynn Johnston, and Raina Telgemeier's kick-off talk for this year's TCAF, in all its almost two hours of glory. Need I really say more??? Happy Friday, y'all.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

D+Q at San Diego Comic-Con 2014

It's that weird, wonderful time of year again- yes, San Diego's Comic-Con International is just over a week away! The show is four days of comics madness at the San Diego Convention Center and runs Thursday, July 24th-Sunday, July 27th.

Drawn and Quarterly is located at booth 1629. Burn that number into your memory- that's where you'll be able to pick up hot advances, have your books signed, and chat with the dazzling D+Q staff- or with Mimi Pond, Gilbert Hernandez, Lisa Hanawalt, and Matt Forsythe, if we're just not cool enough.

Below is our full signing schedule and the panels D+Q and its authors will be on. Here's a handy map to guide you.

THURSDAY, JULY 24TH - Convention open 9:30am-7:00pm
1pm: Mimi Pond signing (until 3pm)
4pm: Gilbert Hernandez signing (until 5pm)

FRIDAY, JULY 25TH - Convention open 9:30am-7:00pm
12pm: Gilbert Hernandez signing (until 1pm)
1pm: Mimi Pond signing (until 2pm)
2pm: Lisa Hanawalt signing (until 3pm)
3pm: Matt Forsythe signing (until 4pm)
4:30pm: Lisa Hanawalt and Mimi Pond on panel HUMOR IN GRAPHIC NOVELS AND ILLUSTRATION in Room 26AB
5:30pm: Lisa Hanawalt and Mimi Pond signing (until 6:30pm)

SATURDAY, JULY 26TH - Convention open 9:30am-7:00pm
10am: DRAWN AND QUARTERLY JEOPARDY in Room 4: Join Managing Editor Tracy Hurren and Editorial & Marketing Manager Julia Pohl-Miranda in a trivia contest about D+Q cartoonists and their comics. All winning answers will receive a free book and special announcements will be made!
12pm: Mimi Pond signing (until 1pm)
1pm: Lisa Hanawalt signing (until 3pm)
2pm: Matt Forsythe (until 3pm)
5pm: Gilbert Hernandez signing (until 6pm)
5pm: Mimi Pond on panel SPOTLIGHT ON MIMI POND in Room 9

SUNDAY, JULY 27TH - Convention open 9:30am-5pm
11am: Lisa Hanawalt signing (until 12pm)
12pm: Mimi Pond signing (until 1pm)
1pm: Gilbert Hernandez signing (until 2pm)
3pm: Gilbert Hernandez and Mimi Pond on panel FICTIONALIZED NONFICTION in Room 32AB

"But what do I get to take home with me, aside from my many joyous memories?" you ask? These debuts right here:

Bumperhead, by Gilbert Hernandez

Even More Bad Parenting Advice, by Guy Delisle 

and, as super special last minute addition, we'll have 45 limited edition signed and numbered copies of The Hospital Suite by John Porcellino! 

And what better souvenir could you ask for, really? See you at booth 1629, San Diego!
Friday, July 11, 2014

Moomin makes you happy: or, how to not be lonely.

Summer's in full effect over here in Montreal—I'm covered in, er, mosquito bites, my eyes are rubbed raw from crying allergies, and my handlebar tape just won't stay put—basically too much lemonade. Luckily, we've got loads of Moomin goodies rolling around this office: despair always has a friend in Moomin. Also it's been about 10 million years since I've blogged, so I'm gonna get it all out at once. Buckle up, everyone! As you can tell, I've got a lot going on that I need to get off my chest. Just kidding, I'll keep it to the Moomins, I swear!

It's a big year for Moomin, as this would have been Tove's 100th birthday. Much is being done to celebrate, including a full length animated film version of the above title, Moomin on the Riviera, which we will be publishing in colour this September! Check out this fancy little advance copy that the postman just gave to Julia because he likes her best and won't let anyone else sign for packages.

"Oh if one could live like a lily in the grass." Classic. No one except Tove can write with such whimsy without making me feel gross. NO ONE.

And an endpaper shot, for good measure, and because a flying-through-the-air Moomin is one of life's simple pleasures. Watch for more info on this title as the hot sun subsides and the apples start to hit the grass.

And since I'm talking Moomin, I thought I should mention/remind you of two other exciting Moomin things. We've got a very exciting project coming out in October, Moomin: The deluxe anniversary edition! It collects every Moomin strip drawn by the inimitable Tove Jansson—over 400 pages worth—plus some very, very special never-before-seen sketches and writings on Tove. {This is just a little model I whipped up. The real thing is honkin'!}

And lastly, since everything else I've teased you with is not out for months, here's Moomin Volume Nine, which just hit stores and is ready for you to add to your collection. Pretty nice cover, right? The comics inside ain't bad either.

And now the reason for that weird intro paragraph that you've already forgotten about wherein I make myself out to be a mess of a human and it's really just very confusing and off point and I knew it wasn't working but I just went with it anyway. We got very excited about this new Anti-Loneliness Cafe in Japan a couple months ago but forgot to blog about it. Have you guys checked this out?!?! I can't help but feel like having a cafe latte with a giant stuffed toy might actually increase my despair. Here's my prescription for loneliness: go buy a Moomin book and read it in the shade of a tree by a pond with a really nice drink. Happy summer, everyone!

Mimi Pond and Vanessa Davis host ICON8! And NEW Mimi Pond event in Chattanooga, TN!

Portland's ICON8 Illustration Conference is in full swing! Like always, ICON8 is bringing together top illustrators, designers, and publishers from around the globe for a weekend of panels, workshops, and presentations. But this year is going to be way more fun than any other, because Mimi Pond and Vanessa Davis are hosting the whole she-bang! These two are hilarious, and full of good stories, and I'm really bummed to be missing them emcee. If you're one of the lucky ones able to be there this weekend (the conference is sold out), be sure have Mimi and Vanessa sign copies of their books tomorrow, Saturday July 12th, in the Kridel Lobby outside of the Portland Museum of Art Auditorium. The signing begins at 12:45 pm!

And if you weren't able to make ICON8, fret not. We're happy to announce a brand new date on Mimi Pond's Over Easy tour: she will be presenting and signing at Winder Binder in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Monday, August 18th, at 7pm. Get on over there!
Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Gallery hoppin': New Art Spiegelman! Plus Lynda Barry, Brecht Vandenbroucke, Adrian Tomine, Chester Brown, and Dan Clowes

We publish many brilliantly talented authors at Drawn and Quarterly, but let's not forget that these cartoonists are practising artists, as well! And that now and then, they share their work in galleries and museums so that we can ogle their originals and leave inspired. This summer, many such exhibitions are taking place. Here's a reminder of whose work is where all across this wide wild continent:

First, make your way to New York City, where Lynda Barry's solo show at Adam Baumgold Gallery has been extended until this Saturday, July 12th. Extended with good reason! The show features more than 80 original comic drawings, watercolours, and mixed media collages from over the past 35 years! No amount of exclamation marks accurately conveys how exciting this is or how badly I think you should see it!!!

And while you're in NYC, drop by Flanders House to see Brecht Vandenbroucke's paintings alongside the work of nine other super-talented Flemish illustrators. The show is on view until December 31. 

Next, cross the continent to Oakland for SuperAwesome: Art and Giant Robot, where you'll find new and recent work from Adrian Tomine and other artists that have played an influential role in the magazine's incredible success. The exhibit takes place at the Oakland Museum of California, and is on view until July 27th.

Over in Columbus, Ohio, Daniel Clowes's celebrated Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes is on view at the Wexner Center for the Arts until August 3rd. This traveling show is the first museum survey of Clowes's work, bringing together over 90 pieces of original art from the full range of his career (a very succesful, varied range, in case ya didn't know).

And just a little north in Toronto, originals from Chester Brown's Louis Riel remain on view at the Art Gallery of Ontario until September 14th, 2014. This exhibition is included in your general admission to the museum, so make your trip to the city complete and stop by!

Actually, you might want to stay right there in Toronto- we're thrilled to announce that Art Spiegelman's fantastic CO-MIX: A Retrospective is making its final stop at the Art Gallery of Ontario! CO-MIX is a remarkable exhibition, collecting original manuscripts from Maus (rarely seen due to their fragility) and over 300 works on paper, ranging from trading cards to magazine covers. CO-MIX also emphasizes Spiegelman's more recent multimedia projects; fusions of performance and animation and amazing other stuff.

The show opens December 20th and is on view until March 14th, 2015. Mark it on your calendars, mark it in your phones, mark it on your hand- this one is not to be missed! (You can immerse yourself in Co-Mix, the book, while you wait.)
Monday, July 07, 2014

Hey Guelph! Have you seen Seth hangin' downtown?

This banner of Seth and his artwork, that is! The city of Guelph has decided to honour its local artists by hanging their portraits alongside their works from the streetlights on downtown Quebec Street. Amazing! I hope to see initiatives like this in more towns. If you're in Guelph or planning to visit, these artists will be smiling down on you until October.

And while we're appreciating Seth, The Washington Post recently shared a 're-appreciation' of Palookaville 21 as part of their Shelfies series. The piece includes a wonderful interview with Seth, in which he discusses narrative choices made in Nothing Lasts (its opening page is pictured above), fictional histories, his many plans for future projects, and more. Says interviewer Michael Cavna: "Seth gives us small panels as tight portholes into his “past,” yet the overall effect is one of expansive windows into his mind, ultimately forming a poignant mosaic of cumulative remembrance." I suggest you read it!

Asphalt Watches on Demand

We've mentioned it before but remember that odd amazing little book we did a couple of years ago called Stooge Pile? Of course you do. Well, Seth Scriver, the inspired hoser behind that book, recently made a full-length cartoon movie with his friend Shayne Ehman called Asphalt Watches and it is finally on Vimeo On Demand and you should git on over there and watch it. $5 for a movie in yer living room. Come on, you paid for Veronica Mars the first weekend it was out, you can handle this. And it will open your head and put ideas in there. People, this movie won the Best First Canadian Feature Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, what else do you need to know?
Monday, June 30, 2014

Adrian Tomine covers the New Yorker

Look, some Monday mornings you get up, you have to take the bus because your bike is all messed up, and there's a guy on the bus yelling at everyone because "phones aren't knowledge" but then you get into work and there it is - an interview with Adrian Tomine at the New Yorker because he's gone and captured the essence of another New York moment.  Perhaps even the zeitgeist of memorial sites in general. Adrian's cover for the New Yorker this week visits the 9/11 memorial and museum. Hear about it from the man himself here.
Friday, June 27, 2014

Art Spiegelman curates a piece in the latest Artforum!

Folks, the latest issue of Artforum is unreal, and is specially catered to you, comics fans. For this special cartooning issue, Artforum asked none other than the master himself, Art Spiegelman, to curate a selection of his favourite comics. His piece, "Eye of Doom, Hand of Glory" opens with the announcement that "the future of comics is in its past" and goes on to explore his varied influences.

Spiegelman speaks of the "invisible hidden in plain sight" and the "arc of a cartoonist's style". He namedrops Stan Drake, Chester Gould, Shigeru Sugiura, and Frank King, amongst others. People, if you're hoping to become a succesful cartoonist, or if you just love the art form, Spiegelman's advice is some of the soundest you can subscribe to. Do yourself a favour and check it out!

As though that brilliant bit wasn't enough, this issue also features a long-form piece by Stephen Burt on the histories of comics, in which he mentions lots of our favourite people, including Lynda Barry, Chris Ware, and Gilbert Hernandez, and some of our very own titles, like Lynda's The Freddie Stories, Daniel Clowes's The Death-Ray, and Dylan Horrocks's Hicksville.

There's also a wonderful profile of Julie Doucet: "Doucet is central to our understanding of comics as a particularly vibrant platform for telling and showing women's stories". Yeah!

Last but certainly not least, we'd like to mention how freakin' proud we are of our former Librairie store staffer (!!!), Julien Ceccaldi, for snagging the cover of this fantastic issue. We're all starry-eyed and inspired over here. I think I might keep this Artforum on my coffee table forever so I always have a ready opportunity to talk my unsuspecting guests's ears off about comics. Because I totally don't already do that.


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